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News Links, July 29, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Contagion from Italy's Bank Meltdown Spreads
Households on the Hook for Italy's Next Bailout
Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98% And The Worst Is Yet To Come
A Psychiatric Diagnosis of the U.S. Market: Schizophrenic Disconnect From Reality, Bipolar Mania, Psychotic Delusions of Wealth
Caterpillar just put the global economy on watch
Coca-Cola cuts sales outlook amid weak international demand
Corrupt Or Just Stupid? Markets Hand Corporations An Unlimited Credit Card
The world is following Japan's lead at the worst possible time
A major factor in the postwar rise of Japan (and West Germany, etc.) was high net energy. -- RF
Companies have a $10 trillion bill that is coming due
Ford calls an end to U.S. auto boom, rivals bet other way
IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro, apologises for the immolation of Greece
Experts: "Peak Gold" Has Arrived
Forget What the Government Says…This Key Indicator Says the Economy Is In Big Trouble

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Baker Hughes Cut 3,000 Jobs in Q2, Plunges Deeper Into Red
Lloyds bank to axe 3,000 jobs and close 200 branches

## Airline death spiral ##
European Airlines Hurt by Terror, Air France KLM (AFLYY) CFO Riolacci Says
United Airlines May Be Poised to Drop One of Its Hubs
Oil pressure issue [sic] again promps Hawaiian Airlines emergency landing in Japan
Air Pegasus cancels all flights due to 'technical glitches'
Wife's bomb hoax caused security scare at Geneva airport
Watch: Meltdown mode! Man flies into a violent rage after flight delayed - punches and kicks security staff
Lexington man arrested after attacking flight attendents
Dubai-Calicut Indigo flight diverted to Mumbai after unruly behaviour by passengers; two detained
American's Pilots Say It Flies 'Ragged Edge' of Safety Rules
Efforts by American Airlines to keep flights on schedule during the summer travel season are on the verge of violating safety rules, according to the union for the carrier's pilots.
Boeing: 679,000 maintenance technicians needed by 2035
Air France-KLM warns on impact of terror attacks
Airline Speeds Have Stagnated For 40 Years

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Turkey orders detention of 47 more journalists: government official
India To Upgrade Sukhoi Fleet With Russia's Help
There's No Business Like the Arms Business
US Silent as Major Ally Begins Campaign of Murdering Drug Users — Executing 11 People a Day
Coups Inside NATO: A Disturbing History
Canada's Massive Surface-Combatant Program To Get Underway This Summer
The Canadian government will ask for bids as early as next month for the largest shipbuilding program in the country's history, with the field of contenders for a new fleet of surface combatants expected to be dominated by European firms.
Russia-South China Sea Relations Update: Putin Enters Fray With Planned Naval Drills In September
Erdogan Closes 130 Media Organizations, Arrests CEO Of Oil Company

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrant death toll passes 3,000 in Mediterranean this year
Merkel: attacks by asylum seekers 'mock' Germany
German police raid mosque and apartments in crackdown on Salafists
The Makeshift Homes Where Refugees Await Their Fates

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Leon Panetta shouted down by anti-war protesters at Democratic convention
Mass student demonstration against 'marketisation of education' confirmed to take place in central London

## Energy/resources ##
Low Oil Prices Kill Off 7 Billion Barrels Of Oil Production
Oil Bust Endures For Big Oil As Refining Margins Deteriorate
Oil Majors Lost One Engine; Now The Second One Is Sputtering
The Price Rally Is Over: Capital Drives the Oil Market to Low Prices
Statoil Posts $300M Loss In Q2, Blames Wavering Upstream Revenue
Oil Bust Takes Its Toll On Alberta, Amount Of 'Orphans' Increases By 45%
The Orphan Well Association (OWA), which manages the abandoned wells and related facilities, along with their remediation, has a 25-page long list of orphan wells, 17 pages of reclamation sites, and 26 pages of pipeline segments.
Why Renewables Can't Do It Without Nuclear Power
Actually, both nuclear and renewables cannot do without fossil fuels. Advocates of both completely ignore the obvious. And we also know that, owing to the impossibility of decommissioning most nuclear power plants, they will turn into nuclear bombs. -- RF
Europe backing 'limitless' energy project in France
Brazil Said to Study Scrapping Nationalist Pre-Salt Rules
Is This The Beginning Of The End For Venezuela's Oil Sector?
How Much Energy Does It Take To Fuel The Pokemon Go Craze?
Calif. power grid extends call for conservation during heat wave
Here's Why It's All Downhill for Oil Refiners
$60 Is the New $50 for U.S. Oil Drillers Contemplating Rebound
Earlier this year, oil and natural gas companies facing the worst slump in a generation said they'd need crude to reach $50 a barrel before resuming drilling. This week, despite higher prices and lower costs, the industry has raised the bar, signaling it will take $60 or better before meaningful production can resume.

## Got food? ##
New Superfood? Cockroach Milk Crystals
From herdsmen to central bankers, southern Africa counts drought cost
France to support grain farmers after crops hit by weather
California's tomato business is rotten — and farmers are seeing red

## Environment/health ##
Brazil agency to say Rio Olympics will bring no environmental gains: sources
Brazil's top government finance and spending regulator is expected to report in the coming months that Rio de Janeiro will receive almost none of the environmental benefits promised by organizers of the 2016 Olympic Games, officials working on the report told Reuters.
California declares state of emergency over Los Angeles wildfire
The double-edged sword of wildlife-friendly yards
Why Florida's Toxic Algae Bloom In 2016 Is Here To Stay, For Now
South Florida mosquitos may be transmitting Zika, CDC says
Bee Sperm Count Decreasing Due To Exposure To Pesticides, New Study Finds
Heat Wave Sparks Anthrax Outbreak in Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Area
Antibiotics that could fight superbugs produced from bacteria in human nose
Humans Cause Animal Extinction: Large Mammals Including Elephants And Gorillas Are Under Threat, Study Finds
The world's largest mammals could go extinct if humans don't do more to protect their ecosystems, according to an international team of conservation scientists. Animals including gorillas, rhinoceroses and bears could be wiped out if challenges such as expanding livestock and crop operations, illegal hunting, deforestation and human population growth aren't addressed, the scientists said Wednesday in the journal BioScience. 
The Addiction Conspiracy: How Government and Big Pharma Created an Epidemic

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Turkey closes scores of TV stations, newspapers
Interview with Wikileaks' Julian Assange – Hillary Clinton Expands the Overton Window of Corruption
Assange: "A Lot More Material" Will Be Released
Maybe Putin Did It After All: Trail Emerges Linking DNC Email Hack To Russia
Russia to U.S., Trump: Sort out your own pre-election hacking scandal
Did the Russians really hack the DNC or is this another Sony Pictures moment? You decide
Wikileaks Releases Hacked DNC Voicemails During Convention Speeches
Gestapo In The USA: FCC Intimidates Press and Kills Free Speech at 5G Rollout
Erdogan Files Criminal Charges Against Head Of Research At Turkish Bank For Writing Displeasing Report
In Secret Battle, Surveillance Court Reined in FBI Use of Information Obtained From Phone Calls
Official who oversees whistleblower complaints files one of his own
10K Google Wi-Fi kiosks are collecting millions of faces and MAC addresses
Ransomware Poses Potential Threat to Oil, Gas Cybersecurity

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Chinese propaganda video on South China Sea will be played 120 times everyday in Times Square
Strange interview raises fears about Beijing's influence over Hong Kong's paper of record

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Terror Attacks And Mass Killings Are Becoming A Daily Event
It no longer matters who gets into the White House, or who leads any country, for that matter. World leaders will just flail about, lash out, start wars, declare martial law, and commit other mayhem in a vain attempt to save a dying system. Buckle your seat belts. -- RF

Waste of time and money. -- RF

US Government Mucks up Money-Laundering in Real Estate, Puts Luxury Housing Bubbles at Risk
Manhattan and Miami already get mauled. Now expanding to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Southern California, even Texas!
Silicon Valley Elites Get Home Loans With No Money Down
The Atlanta Fed just slashed its GDP outlook
GDPNow Forecast Sinks to 1.8% Following Advance Economic Indicators Reports

## The candidates ##
Trump Vs Clinton: How The 'Big' Donors Stack Up
DNC Lawyers Now Implicated in Email Leaks as Giving 'Pro-Hillary' Advice
How Sanders Delegates Organized a Walkout Under Everyone's Nose
Trump To Russia: Find Hillary Clinton's Emails; 5 Unexpected Things GOP Nominee Said At Doral Press Conference
Trump Talks In Circles On The Minimum Wage, Among Others
Hillary's Speech On "Inequality" And The $12,500 Armani Suit It Came In — Bamboozling Voters in Style
Trumped! (Part 5. The Aspen Strategy Group—-Hillary's War Party In Waiting)
Sanders endorses War Criminal Clinton for US President
The Fear of Hillary's Foreign Policy
Hillary Clinton's nominating convention has focused on domestic issues, but her foreign policy has many anti-war Democrats worried, as she surrounds herself with neocons and liberal hawks.
New Milestone: Trump and Hillary Converge at 58% Unfavorable Rating; Neocons for Hillary
Trump Extends Lead To 7 Points As Hillary's Convention-Bounce Evaporates
'Wish I Had The Power' To Hack Enemies' Emails, Says Man Very Close To Having Such Power
Clinton Friend Admits What Everyone Knows Is True: Clinton Still Supports TPP & Will Back It
Donald Trump Thinks He Heard Vladimir Putin Call Barack Obama "the N-Word." He Didn't.
Did Longtime Ally Just Blow Major Hole in Clinton's TPP Credibility?
Video of Anti-Hillary Protesters in a "Free Speech Cage" at the DNC
Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party
Tim Kaine's Connections to Fossil Fuel Industry Under Scrutiny in Fracking Pipeline Debate
The Content of Donald Trump's Character
Hillary Clinton Talks Tough on Shadow Banking, But Blackstone Is Celebrating at the DNC

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News Links, July 27, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global Deals May Drop $1.6 Trillion If Brexit Talks Lag
Caterpillar Retail Sales Decline For 43 Consecutive Months
Caterpiller Cuts Guidance On "Subdued Global Growth", Blames Brexit And "Turkey Turmoil"
Why this Spike Will Perforate Yield Chasers
The Institute of International Finance opined last week that "the 'low for long' interest rate outlook now looks more like 'low forever' – an outcome that has unleashed a powerful renewed search for yield."
Is the ECB out of Control? How much money could be made to disappear in Italy's bank bailout?
Japan's Exports Decline Again in June, for Ninth Straight Month
WHAT'S GOING ON??? Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United States
Shocking data: 127K Greek Workers are paid wages of up €100 per month
First Italy, Now Portuguese Banks "Unexpectedly" Need A Taxpayer Bailout
Why Real Reform Is Impossible: We Can't Believe the Mighty Titanic Could Actually Sink
Unfortunately for those partying on the upper First Class decks, they are as doomed as the steerage passengers when the ship goes down.
UN Agency: Economy Still Sliding in Latin America, Caribbean
Stocks Were Already Crashing the Last Two Times this Happened. So What Gives?
Over the last 20 years, margin debt – when investors buy stocks with borrowed money – went through three multi-year run-ups, each topped off with a spike, followed by a reversal and decline: during the final throes of the bubbles in 2000 and 2007, each followed by an epic stock market crash – and now.
Here's What Happens When the World Overdoses on Debt
China and Russia Still on Gold Buying Spree
Global Central Banks Are All-In: QE Running At Record $180 Billion Per Month (And Rising)
RBS Warns Clients May Face Negative Interest Rates

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Florida judge declares bitcoin is not money

## Airline death spiral ##
Plane passenger removed from flight 'because of his Isis tattoo'
Airline cabins of the future: A new golden age of travel?
American Airlines profit falls $A1.27b

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
12 Injured, Bomber Killed Outside German Music Festival
The Latest: Officials Seek Stronger Border Control, Police (Germany)
Islamists attack French church, slit priest's throat
Hollande Vows "All Out War" Against ISIS After Priest Killing
Afghan civilian casualties soar to record high, UN says
Chinese Media Talks Tough After India Deploys Tanks to China Border
Poland Intends To Finalize Patriot Sale Agreement By Year's End
Israel's Tightening But Weakening Grip
Israel's near-seven-decade oppression of the Palestinian people has cost it popular support worldwide and led Zionists to rely more and more on paid-off political allies to shield Israeli interests.
800 US aviation troops deploying to Afghanistan
US allowing more diplomat families in Turkey to leave country
US-Backed Syrian Rebels Face 'Total Collapse' in Aleppo

## Migrants/refugees ##
Mexican Newspaper: Build a Trump-Style Wall with Central America

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Berning with anger, protesters take Philadelphia streets ahead of Democratic convention
Pro-Sanders Protests Take Striking Anti-Clinton Tone
More than 50 pro-Sanders demonstrators cited by police
Sign of the Times: Riot Control Gear Sales Are Soaring Globally
New York City police upgrade gear after Texas, Louisiana shootings
The New York City Police Department has acquired $7 million in military-style protective equipment for patrol officers in response to recent shooting attacks on police in Baton Rouge and Dallas earlier this month, officials said on Monday.

## Energy/resources ##
Overly Simple Energy-Economy Models Give Misleading Answers
Oil Bulls Headed Over Demand Cliff as Refinery Shutdowns Loom
Thunderstorm Sparks Massive Spike In New York Elctricity Prices Amid Heat Wave
South Korea to pick spent nuclear fuel site by 2028, eyes overseas storage
Overseas storage! Like Japan, South Korea has cut its own throat with nuclear power. -- RF
Nuclear waste will last a lot longer than climate change
"Too-cheap-to-meter" nuclear power has already left a deadly legacy that we can't deal with, and this global disaster is just getting started. Nuclear power: The gift that keeps on giving. -- RF
Niger Delta Avengers Attack another Pipeline
Short of funds, Brazil's Chesf delays transmission line project
State-run energy company Chesf, a subsidiary of Brazil's federal energy holding company Eletrobras, has delayed the delivery of more than 1,000 kilometers of transmission line projects for lack of funds to complete the work, data compiled by Reuters showed.
Oil Continues To Fall After API Reports 1.4M Barrel Build At Cushing
Morgan Stanley Predicts Plummeting Oil Prices - $35 Likely
North Sea Platform Workers Launch Biggest Strike in Decades
Australia Considers Banning Wind Power Because It's Causing Blackouts

## Got food? ##
General Mills widens flour recall again after 4 more people get sick

## Environment/health ##
Kuwait swelters under record 54c heatwave
The hot weather has seen unprecedented demand on Kuwait's electricity infrastructure, with several power outages reported last week.
Heat wave, drought showing no signs of slowing down (US)
6,500 acres burned in Big Sur fire
Fire seasons are becoming hotter, drier and longer
Sea level rise: Tide turns against Liberia's biggest slum
Utah Lake's Poop-Driven Algal Bloom Is a Crappy Situation
More Than a Million Moms At Risk of Zika, Study Finds
Spain registers first Zika microcephaly birth in Europe
Unconventional Coal Technologies 'Could Blow the Global Carbon Budget'
Husky shuts pipeline indefinitely after Canadian oil spill
Husky Energy Inc has indefinitely closed a pipeline that leaked oil into a major Canadian river, a company official said on Monday, as the spill forced a second city to stop drawing drinking water.
Western Canada Oil Spill Drenches Birds, Will Taint Drinking Water for Months to Come
Red Cross says need for blood is 'urgent'
Over one million people hit as floods worsen in India's tea region of Assam

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
As Biometric Scanning Use Grows, So Does Security Risk
Without you necessarily realizing it, your unique attributes — or "biometrics" — are being used to verify your identity. Every time you unlock your smartphone, use a fingerprint scanner at the airport, or upload a photo with facial recognition to Facebook, your physical attributes are scanned and scrutinized against a template.
11 Police Robots Patrolling Around the World
DNC erects four-mile, eight-foot-high fence around Philadelphia convention site
The DNC is afraid of the people. -- RF
Turkey detains 42 journalists in crackdown as Europe sounds alarm
Germany orders increased police presence after spate of attacks
Snowden Explains How To Get To The Bottom Of "Who Hacked The Democrats"
Munich Shooting Sparks Push to End Post-WW2 Limits on Using German Military Domestically
India Denies Visa Extensions to Xinhua Journalists
Was The Turkey Coup A Hoax? After Erdogan Arrests Thousands, Critics Question Military Uprising
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: 'No Proof' Hacked DNC Emails Came From Russia
Meet The Biggest Government Hacker On The Planet—–Uncle Sam
Australia's "Abu Ghraib"-Like Torture of Jailed Children Captured in "Chilling" TV Footage

## Propaganda/censorship ##
China Internet Crackdown: Regulator Bans Original News Reporting By Websites
The Hunt for Red Trump-tober: Clintonistas say Russia is behind DNC leak – and the Trump campaign
How US Propaganda Fuels New Cold War
The anti-Russian propaganda across the U.S. political/media system is so pervasive that even members of Congress know little about the events that launched a new Cold War.
As I've observed previously, the US propaganda system is by far the world's most sophisticated and effective. If the Chinese, for example, really want to have a good propaganda system, they should abandon their present crude and heavy-handed approach and adopt the US system. -- RF
Facebook admits to blocking links to Wikileaks DNC emails

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Head of Australian Team Says Olympic Village in Rio 'Not Safe or Ready'
Leaky Toilets at Athlete Village Add to Rio 2016 Budget Woes
Power is nothing without control: lessons from the failed coup in Turkey
Contamination of water pushes up costs, makes safe water scarcer: study
Clinton, Wasserman Schultz and the Wheezing Corpse of the Democratic Process Revealed

## Japan ##
Japan To Miss FY2020 GDP Target Of 600 Trillion Yen: Government Forecast
Japan's "Helicopter Money" Play: Road to Hyperinflation or Cure for Debt Deflation?
Democrats commit to US defense of Japan under 'rebalance' to Asia
Pokemon Go players advised not to go into Fukushima disaster zone

## China ##
China to Shut Political, Social News Sites Run by Websites
China Scores Diplomatic Victory, Avoids Criticism From ASEAN
China Rolls out World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft (video)
Hong Kong On The Edge—–Debt And Property bubble fixing to Burst
End of an Era as China's Love Affair With U.S. Real Estate Fades
Science says China has already hit peak coal use
China Cools Down on Wind Energy Technology

## UK ##
Natwest and RBS may charge firms to hold deposits
Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have warned businesses they may have to charge them to accept deposits due to low interest rates.
One in five parents will skip meals to feed their children over summer
British Solar Industry In Jeopardy, 12,500 Jobs Lost
Hate crime policing to be reviewed after spike in reports
'Super ants' invading British gardens faster than ever
Hundreds of police officers are suffering from mental health problems, officers' groups warn

## US ##
Credit Card Companies Specifically Target Less Educated And Less Sophisticated Americans
New York's Hamptons: Where a Summer Rental Can Set You Back $1 Million
For the first time, forecast predicts hotter than normal in every square inch of the USA
Job Openings vs. Number of Unemployed; Is Being Unemployed Just "Bad Luck"?
Subprime Snaps: Largest US Subprime Auto Lender Delays Earnings Due To "Accounting Matters"
Robot-Delivered Death in Dallas
The Dallas police decision to use a robot-delivered bomb to kill the cornered shooter blamed for murdering five police officers raises troubling legal, technological and public-safety questions.
Junk-rated U.S. municipalities shine brighter with record low rates
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jeff Bezos Join Defense Innovation Board
The largest pension fund in the country CalPERs continues to underperform: Weakest return since 2008-09 financial crisis.
New legislation proposes to "bail in" Social Security
The Board of Trustees for Social Security (which includes the US Treasury Secretary) wrote that major parts of the program have already run out of money, and the rest of Social Security will run out of money in the next decade.
New Home Sales Are Back……..To When The Housing Bubble Began In 1995!
A third of U.S. adults say they'd be enthusiastic about a microchip implanted in brain
Service PMI Barely Above Contraction

## The candidates ##
After NATO, the WTO: Trump ready to rip up post-war order
Why Can't Hillary Stop Fudging the Truth?
Email-gate is only the latest instance in a 25-year habit of dissembling.
Hillary Clinton is in Deep Trouble – "Hordes of Wall Street Executives" Descend Upon Philly
Sanders Booed by Own Delegates for Urging Support for Clinton
Sanders to 'Bernie or Bust' Movement: I'm Not With You
"Bedlam" As Wasserman Schultz Boo'd, Heckled Off Stage By DNC Delegates
Hillary Clinton: Class President of A Failed Generation
Donald Trump is right about globalization: It's a broken system
Trump as the Reagan Reboot
Donald Trump's pro-police-state acceptance speech must have appealed to many Americans, boosting him in the polls, but another secret to his success may be that he is a 2.0 reboot of Ronald Reagan.
Oops: Kaine Implies Hillary Should Be Prosecuted For Mishandling Classified Information
Clinton Cash: "Devastating" Documentary Reveals How Clintons Went From "Dead Broke" To Mega Wealthy
Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton
Wall Street now substantially less certain of a Clinton victory
Wikileaks Emails Bring New Attention to Hillary Victory Fund "Money Laundering" Charges
Why Hillary Is Nervous: "More Leaks May Be Coming"
Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination
Hillary Clinton's Dangerously Coherent Foreign Policy

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News Links, July 25, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global Trade Meets Ugly Reality — Trade Volume Adjusted Down
Trade volume was adjusted down every month by 2% to 3% in recent years, in a world where economic growth is stuck at only 3.1% in 2016, according to the IMF. And that includes the glorious GDP numbers from China that no one believes.
Look Who's Frantically Demanding that Taxpayers Stop Italy's Bank Meltdown
World Bank mulls different approach as prospects for global growth darken
Startup Deal Activity Keeps Falling Worldwide
Private Debt Piles Loom Over Emerging Economies
Negative interest bites Switzerland's big banks harder in 2016
Corporate Tax Collection In Spain Goes Negative €539 Million
Pension Funds Are Underwater – And Taking Us With Them
U.S. sides with HSBC to block release of money laundering report
Who Buys Bonds With A Negative Interest Rate?
Saudi real estate sales drop to lowest level in a decade
G-20: Denial of the Obvious, Praise for Lies
World should not rely on China to lead global economic recovery, says Premier Li Keqiang
Seoul: North Korea's economy shrinks 1st time in 5 years

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
ConocoPhillips to Trim 6% of its Workforce
Shell to cut 25% of its deep water Gulf of Mexico workforce
Honeywell Cuts Guidance, Boeing Gives 60-Day Notices

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Big banks getting serious about Venmo-style online transactions

## Airline death spiral ##
World's Airlines Crashing At Worst Rate Since 2008
As Global Demand Slows, Airlines Defer Widebody Jet Orders
With 1,150 Southwest flights canceled, airline waking from computer nightmare
BA plane makes emergency landing due to 'nasty' cannabis smell: 'The whole area stank'
Engine problem prompts flight diversion to Virginia
Notified of 23 'minor' deficiencies by FAA, Allegiant working on corrections
Lufthansa Technik to cut 700 jobs in engine overhaul operations
Traveling costs likely to take off
Airlines Rake in Cash as Fares Stay Cheap. What's Wrong With This Picture?
Feds Asked to Investigate American Airlines After Muslim Passenger Removed
Kenya Airways reports $252 million loss for FY2015-16
Security Concern Causes Flight to Divert to Portland
Singapore to toughen laws against unruly air travellers

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
18-Year-Old German-Iranian Is Behind Munich "Shooting Rampage" Which Killed 10 Including Gunman
Machete-Wielding Syrian Refugee Kills Pregnant Woman; Injures Two In Southern German City
Turkey coup attempt: Crackdown toll passes 50,000
All Or Nothing For Erdogan: 200,000 Purged In Race For Absolute Power
Turkey's Erdogan Orders Closure Of More Schools, Extends Detention Period
Is Bibi's massive fundraising network about to collapse?
Multinational air base in Turkey faces uncertain future
Russia expands Pacific submarine fleet with quieter, better armed vessels
Top Obama aide to take call for South China Sea calm to Beijing
In port visit, New Zealand and U.S. seek to bolster military ties
France to Send Heavy Artillery to Iraq to Fight ISIS
IS Attacks Protest in Afghan Capital, Kills 80 People
10-Day Ban on Public Gatherings in Afghanistan
US War In Afghanistan Is Fueling Global Heroin Epidemic & Enabling The Drug Trade
ASEAN deadlocked on South China Sea, Cambodia blocks statement
Afghanistan: President Obama's Vietnam
President Obama is keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan fighting an unwinnable war for fear of the political consequences if he faces reality and admits defeat, an echo of Vietnam.
US Air Force works to keep older planes in air longer

## Migrants/refugees ##
Turkey's political turmoil may have implications for Europe's migrant crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Greek Far-Rightists, Police Clash During Muslim Party March

## Energy/resources ##
Middle Eastern rush to a nuclear powered future
Oil Continues To Plunge As Markets Turn Bearish
Workers: Force majeure at ExxonMobil Nigeria may last weeks
Why Nigeria's 'Avengers' are crippling the oil sector
Keppel Sees Prolonged Dearth Of Oil-Rig Orders Amid Glut
Keppel Corp., the world's largest builder of oil rigs, sees little prospect of an improvement in global demand amid a supply surplus that's caused quarterly profit to fall to the lowest in almost a decade.
Chop, baby, chop! Solar projects can't save the forest for the trees?
Why San Onofre's nuclear waste stays on the beach
Some 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste at the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is all stored up with no place to go.
Nuclear decommissioning: Taxpayers likely stuck with Pilgrim closure bills
As it will happen around the world. Unfortunately, economic collapse guarantees that taxpayers won't be able to foot the bill. I stand by my prediction that hardly any nuclear power plants, anywhere, will be properly decommissioned. Even if the money were to be found — which it won't — there is no place to sequester all the waste. Unmitigated global disaster, coming right up! -- RF
Shell cutting deepwater Gulf workforce
Pakistan's oil output drops 8% with gradual fall in reserves

## Got food? ##
Why Americans waste so much food
A bigger problem is that almost all discarded food goes into landfills or incinerators, instead of being returned to the soil. It's too late to change this, so we'll just have to wait until the food production/distribution system collapses and trash collection stops. Then you will see lots of composting. -- RF
Extreme Climate Change Pictures 2016: Amid Hottest Year On Record, Famine, Drought Grips Africa, Central America, India
Venezuela Economic Crisis: No McDonald's Big Macs Amid Food Shortages
Thanks For The $170 Billion——-Uncle Sam's subsidies Help Fatten Junk Food Industry
How much should food cost?
Eggs, With a Side Order of Blood and Filth (Videos)
Are you anti-science if you don't like GMOs?

## Environment/health ##
Florida May Have a Second Non-Travel-Related Case of Zika
Vaccine Scandal Highlights Indonesian Health System Woes
Forms of HIV can jump from chimps to humans, study says
Change in Zika virus sparks pandemic fear for Australians
The terrifying Zika virus, which can cause babies to have horrific birth defects, has reportedly leapt to a new breed of mosquito.
Canadian City Gets Backup Water Supply Ready After Oil Spill
Scorching Middle East Beats All-Time Heat Records for Eastern Hemisphere
Sand Fire burns through more than 11,000 acres in So. California
Toxic algae bloom in Utah sickens over 100 people amid heat wave
Rise in plunder of Earth's natural resources
Companies are flooding Earth's orbit with satellites, but no one's directing traffic

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
A Turkey of a Coup (a debunking of various theories)
Erdogan's Power Game: Turkey On Collision Course With NATO
WSJ Reporter's "Shocking" Discovery: DHS Can Confiscate Any Device Along The Border Without Suspicion
Study: a fifth of Swiss spy on neighbours
Emails Released by WikiLeaks Appear to Show DNC Trying to Aid Hillary Clinton
Leaked Emails Confirm DNC Officials Planned Anti-Trump Protests
Democrats Accuse Russia Of Hacking DNC Server To Help Donald Trump
Looks like an attempt to deflect attention from DNC wrongdoing and pin the rap on the Russians. -- RF
Yes, The Democratic National Committee Flat Out Lied In Claiming No Donor Financial Info Leaked
Paris Officials Seek to Destroy Potential Evidence in Attack in Nice, France
Study Says Drones Generate More Terrorism

## Propaganda/censorship ##
The Parade-Goer's 9-Point Guide to Understanding Political Propaganda
Will NYT Retract Latest Anti-Russian 'Fraud'?
In covering the new Cold War, The New York Times has lost its journalistic bearings, serving as a crude propaganda outlet publishing outlandish anti-Russian claims that may cross the line into fraud.
Presenting "Putin's Useful Idiot": Anyone Who Disagrees With The Establishment

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Donald Trump's Convention Speech Highlighted The Truth About America's Decline
If We Can't Be Honest, No Solution Is Possible
A field guide to technology gone feral
Tech systems are so interwoven that even if we could understand their complexity, they change too fast to keep up. We have to study them like an ecology, says a new book
Fiat Chrysler recalling 410,000 vehicles
Electrical connections in Rio Olympic Park still not finished: sources
Navy's $12.9 Billion Carrier Isn't Ready for Warfare, Memo Says
The $12.9 billion USS Gerald R. Ford -- the most expensive warship ever built -- may struggle to launch and recover aircraft, mount a defense and move munitions, according to the Pentagon's top weapons tester. On-board systems for those tasks have poor or unknown reliability issues, according to a June 28 memo obtained by Bloomberg News.
Instead of asking, "are robots becoming more human?" we need to ask "are humans becoming more robotic?"
Why We're Ungovernable, Part 15: Violence Goes Random

## Japan ##
Japan's Business Lobby Calls For A Shift From Nuclear Power To Renewables
Japan's CPI seen falling again in June, more headaches for BOJ
Abe's maglev decision reflects political calculus over economics
Japan Atomic again flubs maintenance checks at Monju reactor
Japan to allow fingerprint authorization for visitors
Japan's primary balance expected to worsen

## China ##
Chinese Officials Begin to Dismantle Tibetan Study Site
Is China Stealing Jobs? It May Be Losing Them, Instead
China's ballooning corporate debt a key tail risk for global credit: S&P
Flooding in China kills at least 170
Beijing Floods Not a Problem for Forbidden City's 600 Year-Old Drainage System
China withdrew missiles from South China Sea island ahead of Hague ruling: report
Chinese Companies are Turning Japanese
China's Rising Bad Debts Revealed in Recent Bank Listing
China Beefs Up Military Modernization

## UK ##
Brexit shock pushes UK services and manufacturing into contraction says new survey
Britain's economy shrinking at fastest rate since 2009, says survey
More than 57,000 people hit by bedroom tax fall behind on rent, Government report reveals
Britain Quietly Backs Off Claims Saudis Aren't Committing War Crimes
More than 500,000 public sector workers put through Prevent counter-terror training in bid to spot extremism
Massive Delays Stall England-to-France Vehicle Traffic
Brexit causes dramatic drop in UK economy, data suggests

## US ##
Report: U.S. is lagging in child well-being
US Failing Dismally on Sustainable Development, Despite Vast Wealth
However, much of that "vast wealth" is froth. -- RF
Wealth Bubble In 'Scary Graph' Flashes Warning About Future U.S. Downturn
Is Obama's Recent Ban on Military Gear to Police Already Coming to an End?
It Starts: First Mega-Foreclosure Hits Houston Office Market
Medicare safeguard overwhelmed by pricey drugs

## The candidates ##
Trump does it; he was scripted and fiery
Donald Trump's Convention Speech Rings Terrifying Historical Alarm Bells
Thoughts on Trump's Speech (Why I Can't Vote for Him and Why He Could Win)
Koch Brothers Now Supporting Hillary Clinton
Trump Enrages the War Party
Hillary Clinton's Top VP Pick Lets Big Banks Know He's in Their Corner
Trump's tax numbers just don't add up
Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Cyberwar
Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion
Bernie Sanders Campaign Chief Says Someone Must Be 'Accountable' for What DNC Emails Show
DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Announces Resignation Following Wikileaks Revelations, Will Join Clinton Campaign
Oil Lobby Paid Washington Post and Atlantic to Host Climate-Change Deniers at RNC
Donald Trump threatens to pull US out of the World Trade Organisation
Hungary's Prime Minister Praises Trump
Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary Clinton, speak at DNC in Philadelphia

And finally...
Grumpy Cat hysteria hits the UK as crowds queue for hours to meet the celebrity animal

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