Thursday, January 27, 2005


Confirming Mushroom-Cloud Lady

The Democrats did it again. Only 12 of them voted against confirming Mushroom-Cloud Lady Condi Rice as secretary of state. Now why would anyone who is progressive and who believes in truthfulness with the American people and the world vote for this mendacious smooth-talker? At least one Democrat referred to Rice as a liar, but where were the rest? Being spineless and weak-kneed isn’t the only problem of the Democrats. They are also without principle. Even if the Republicans have the votes and can push through a confirmation like this, members of Congress who supposedly stand for progressive ideas would on principle vote no. What are Democrats trying to accomplish by voting yes? Are they promoting the “healing” process? Working for “national unity”? Or are they afraid of being called “partisan, negative, and obstructionist”?

The Democrats never cease to disgust.

ADDENDUM — I should have lauded one Democrat, Barbara Boxer of California, for taking courageous stands that make other Democrats look like the cowering corporate lackeys that they are. Boxer not only challenged the electoral vote count, but also raked Mushroom-Cloud Lady over the coals. For doing what all the senators should have been doing, Boxer was vilified. To see her treated like that made the whole spectacle even more disgusting. Those who saw fit not to stand up and challenge Mushroom-Cloud Lady for her lies should now be wearing sackcloth and ashes.

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