Thursday, January 27, 2005


Democrats Are Not Progressive

In an interview with TruthOut, Kevin Spidel, who was National Field Director for the Kucinich campaign, makes this revealing statement:

“That campaign [the Kucinich campaign] involved bringing progressive policies and a progressive agenda into the Democratic party.”

Of course the reason that Spidel and other activists have to expend precious time, money, and energy on doing that is because — I hate to keep harping on this — the Democratic Party is not progressive.

Later on in the interview he says, “They [the grassroots] were questioning why we were still involved with the Democratic party when it seemed like key leaders like Kerry didn't demonstrate any backbone, especially after promising that every vote would be counted.”

And well they might ask that!

So, when will the Democrats become progressive? Let me guess. When they stop feeding at the corporate trough? When they develop a backbone and stand up for progressive principles? When they abolish their policy of appeasement toward the GOP?

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