Monday, January 24, 2005


Howard Dean Just Doesn’t Get It

Howard Dean has written an essay that purports to tell us what’s wrong with the Democratic Party and what must be done to remedy the situation.

Trouble is, he’s just showing us how clueless he is.

In the world according to Howard Dean, the GOP has taken over the show because it’s created a marvelous grassroots organization, while the Dems have totally slipped. If that were the problem, it would be comparatively easy to fix. But sorry to say, Howard Dean is either out of touch with reality, or feeding us a load of BS.

The trouble is not so much organization, but what the Democrats stand for, which at this point in time appears to be pretty much what the Republicans stand for. On the whole, Democratic members of Congress have more or less ratified Bush’s whole program, helping the administration trash the Constitution, bankrupt the country, and send our young men and women to murder and be murdered in the desert for oil, imperial power, and corporate profits.

Assuming for the moment that the Democratic Party once had a mandate on progressivism, it certainly doesn’t now. Dean and his people no longer stand for — or stand up for — progressive ideals or ideas. They no longer represent progressive Americans, although they’re still fooling themselves and a lot of progressives into believing that they do. The Democrats are adrift in a political void, desperately hanging on to the Republicans’ shirttails.

If the Democrats are progressive, why did they run John Kerry? Why didn’t they run somebody like Dennis Kucinich or Al Sharpton? Or for that matter, why didn’t they draft Ralph Nader? The answer is because the Democratic Party is slathered in corporate lucre just like the Republicans, because the Democratic Party is controlled by the same money and power structure as the Republicans, and because it stands for world domination and rule by the rich, just like the Republicans. In other words, the Democratic Party is not progressive. Get it?

Yet, Dean’s essay doesn’t mention this at all, which indicates that he simply doesn’t see the real problem. It’s an indication of how far removed Democrats have become from reality.

The situation is so bad now that the Democrats have become a greater blight on the political landscape than the Republicans because they are corporate-rule wolves in progressive clothing, fooling progressives into throwing their lot in with the party, and thereby doing grave damage to the progressive movement in America. Over the last four years the Democrats have betrayed their progressive base by selling out to Bush.

So, Howard Dean, either make your party into something that stands for government by, for, and of the people, or kindly disband and make room for some real progressives.

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