Saturday, January 22, 2005


Why W?

Why on earth was a person like George W. Bush chosen to sit in the Oval Office? I don’t claim to know how the neocons think, but perhaps these are among their reasons.

* Many gullible Americans see him as a "down-home" fellow, different from east-coast elitist preppy liberals. So even though W is actually an elite -- who reportedly thinks that poor people are poor because they’re lazy -- Joe Blow can relate to W.
* He has the Bush name.
* He has the Bush connections.
* He is easily manipulated and pliable.
* He is not smart enough to think for himself and try to assert control.
* He is a good cover for Cheney, et al., allowing them to work with less visibility and scrutiny. That is one reason Cheney is VP: American VPs are by nature far less visible than presidents.

How long will W be useful to those who really run the show and call the shots? And what will happen to him after he has outlived his usefulness?

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