Monday, February 21, 2005


The Apotheosis of Chutzpah

Dubya’s ludicrous statement that Russia “must renew a commitment to democracy and the rule of law” is just one of the many sleazy and insincere comments that Europeans are disgustingly lapping up during the latest US charm offensive. The irony is devastating, as the Bush regime’s contempt for democracy and the rule of law is already legendary. But don’t count on the lapdog media or sycophantic European leaders to point out that the invasion of Iraq, the mass murder of innocent people, brutal torture and mistreatment of prisoners, stolen elections, ignoring international conventions, using depleted uranium ordnance, shredding of the US Constitution, the repression of free speech, and other heinous crimes and illegal acts run counter to democracy and the rule of law. Dubya’s speeches can be seen as the apotheosis of chutzpah.

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