Friday, February 18, 2005


More Pooh-Pooh on 9/11

John Kaminski has observed that more and more Americans are wising up to 9/11, and that this awakening is leading to a second wave of awareness on this issue. It seems to me as well that there is renewed skepticism about the Bush regime’s official account.

As I’ve noted in a couple of recent entries, this has a lot of people worried, and so they’re making new efforts to keep us from thinking about it too much, or at least to instill “right thinking” in the citizens on this subject. One attempt is the Clarke memo and report, which I suspect have been released at this time not because the election is long past, but because the growing skepticism and suspicion among the populace require further reinforcement of the official story, and further confirmation of the “terrorist threat.” The second is the Popular Mechanics article.

And close on the heels of these comes the venerable David Corn, whose claim to credibility is that he’s written a book dissing Dubya (Dubya has provided so much good material that this can’t be that hard to do). I have no idea if Corn is a CIA plant or not, and frankly I couldn’t care less. But does he really believe that our leaders — especially the neocons — couldn’t or wouldn’t do something like 9/11? Supposedly Corn, like many other journalists, is of above-average intelligence, so doesn’t he think the Bush administration’s explanation of 9/11 is just a little leaky here and there? And why would a supposedly progressive website like Tom Paine try to discourage people from thinking critically about 9/11?

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