Friday, February 11, 2005


New Disinformation Campaign?

Heads up! We now have some new “revelations” on 9/11. The media are telling us that — gasp! — Bush ignored a memo about the AQ threat eight months before 9/11, and that the FAA had ignored warnings about what UBL and his crew were up to.

Meanwhile, Henry A. Waxman (you have to admire this guy’s doggedness) and Carolyn B. Maloney are requesting the release of intelligence reports and other materials.

Why this, now? Are we to believe that official channels are really going to achieve a breakthrough on 9/11? Whatever they do, it will only serve to further cement in place the Bush administration’s flimsy and quite unbelievable explanation about 9/11.

At best, this flurry of “damning evidence” is another limited hangout to confirm that 9/11 happened because of “intelligence failures” and “procedural glitches.” Take it with a grain of salt.

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