Friday, February 18, 2005


Signs of the Times

In addition to plans to market a “consumer” Taser (see previous posting), we have another interesting sign of the times: Ford has unveiled a new concept vehicle called the SynUS, which will have us “vaulting into the urban future.”

And what is that urban future? Judging by this vehicle’s description, the cities of America will be dark and dangerous places, indeed. Bulletproof and with deadbolt door latching, it even closes shutters over the windshield when in “secure mode.”

Now how should we take this? We could, of course, criticize Ford. But on the other hand, automakers are just giving consumers what they want in order to make a profit, right? It’s the business of businesses to spot trends and create products to scratch consumer itches. In that sense, another way to see this concept car is that the trend-watchers are giving us a glimpse at what, in their very studied opinion, our cities will be like in the future.

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