Sunday, February 20, 2005


The State of Journalism

The “Jeff Gannon” story has been instructive not just because of what the lapdog media have been telling us (is it the whole story?), but because those same lapdog media have the audacity to express outrage over the Bush administration’s fake news and propaganda. It is as if they have been giving us the whole unvarnished truth. From the moment Bush took office, the lickspittle mainstream media have been more interested in toeing the political line than in challenging those in power to be truthful.

Over at the International Herald Tribute, NYT man Frank Rich tells us that “real news” is debunking fake news. I’m relieved. How fortunate we are to have these bastions of journalistic integrity watching out for us.

Don’t let all this unctuous hand-wringing fool you. Of course the mainstream media are going to milk the Jeff Gannon story for all it’s worth because it makes them look all the more dependable and upright.

These days the lapdogs have to work harder to keep up with the blogosphere and other online independent news sources, which are leaner, meaner, and on to stories sooner. Disparaging remarks like “That’s just an internet theory” and the power of the bloggers show that the non-corporate online news world has developed into a threat to both the lapdog media and to those in power.

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