Saturday, February 05, 2005


Uncomfortable Truths

The Ward Churchill brouhaha is another instructive event on the course being taken by the United States. For pointing out the American double standard and contempt for the rule of law in relation to 9/11, Churchill has been pilloried by the corporate-controlled US media, and even slapped on the wrist by some liberal news sources.

It’s no surprise, especially in Bush America, that when someone makes a statement that is shockingly close to the truth, as Churchill has, he or she is excoriated. Churchill is being made to pay for his “crime” of breaking a taboo: We are not supposed to point out the American double standard, America’s contempt for the rule of law, slaughter for self-aggrandizement, or any of the other uncomfortable and distasteful truths about the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Isn’t it ironic that Rummy has to carefully consider whether to enter Germany for fear of arrest for war crimes? Bear in mind that this is the same man who suggested that Saddam Hussein’s regime violated the Geneva Conventions by showing captured American soldiers on TV — and that was when the US was illegally invading Iraq. There’s the old double standard, dripping with irony.

Although many consider that Churchill made his point in a too-provocative manner, he is just pointing out that terrorist attacks on the US are the inevitable result of US policy. An uncomfortable truth, and a taboo.

Meanwhile, the American double standard is alive and well in “journalism,” too. While rabid right-wingers foam at the mouth because Churchill pointed out an axiomatic truth about how the world works, even supposedly “liberal” publications like The New Republic are getting their feet wet by venturing into the wave of fanatical right-wing journalism that is washing over America like a tsunami, by publishing a piece calling for physical attacks against progressives. But in today’s America, that’s OK.

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