Monday, February 07, 2005


You Call This Progress?

It’s great when women and minorities get into positions of responsibility and help run the country. And when I see something like that I feel that maybe America really is making a little progress in that direction. I can regard it as a hopeful sign, at least.

But what has the Bush Regime given us? The mendacious Mushroom-Cloud Lady, for one. And now they are trying to get Alberto Gonzales, a man who’s demonstrated his casual contempt for the rule of law, to be the person responsible for... the rule of law. That’s what I call deadly irony.

What possible good can come of this? Even if women and minorities are elevated to high offices and powerful positions, it represents no progress at all if they stand for the same system of death, destruction, and exploitation, tell the same lies, and take America down the same path. It just goes to show that, as Black Commentator perceptively observed, “Evil comes in all colors.”

People like Rice and Gonzales have turned their backs not only on women and minorities, but on America itself. Bush submits a screw-the-poor budget proposal with billions for death and destruction but still less for vital social programs, and these disgusting minions help him sell it.

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