Monday, March 07, 2005


Compassionate Conservatives

More money for war and killing, less for those in need. Republican budget proposals call for getting more money for war by taking funds originally earmarked for reconstruction in Afghanistan and even debt relief for countries hit by the tsunami. Remember all that bragging about how generous America is?

Interestingly, White House budget office spokesman Noam Neusner is quoted as saying, “We are going to continue to work with Congress to ensure support for the president's proposal, which will help our troops fight and win the war on terror.” But how will it ever be “won”? Right from the outset Bush administration officials have been telling us that the “war on terror” won’t even end in our lifetimes. At the same time, this open-ended war has already broken the bank in just two years. But they’re telling us we can keep this up for the indefinite future. I fail to see the logic here, unless it’s the logic of making a fast buck while running the country into the ground.

Speaking of compassion, check out this report on the treatment of veterans after they get back home.

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