Tuesday, March 08, 2005


How to Help the Terrorists

Thanks to the NRA and gun nuts, anyone is able to get weapons — including assault rifles — and go on shooting sprees. And thanks to these same people — who claim that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns — even terrorist suspects can buy weapons legally.

The Bush regime’s logic has me stumped in many areas, and this is another. Law enforcement agencies can secretly spy on just about the whole gamut of American citizens’ personal lives, but Bush’s boogeyman terrorists can legally walk into a gun shop, plunk down the money, and walk out with assault weapons. Incredibly, the record of such a purchase is destroyed after only 24 hours. Hello! Anybody home?

A couple of points come to mind. First, it’s another indication of how a right-wing lobby has control of this government. But you knew that already.

Second, it’s yet another indication casting doubt on just how serious BushCo is about getting the “terrorists.” Bush attacks Afghanistan, ostensibly to get the Taliban out of power and nab Osama. After a big show, Osama flies the coop and after a while Bush admits he doesn’t care where he is, and doesn’t even care. Meanwhile, poppies are back in production, big time. It makes you think that one of the reasons for attacking Afghanistan was to get the dope flowing again.

Then Bush attacks Iraq, turning that country into one of the biggest terrorist recruiting and training areas in the history of the world. Nice job. Indeed, the most ineffective way to fight terrorism — on the battlefield — is the method chosen by BushCo, and into which America’s treasury has been drained, along with billions borrowed from other countries and future generations of Americans.

We know that FBI agents have been stymied in their efforts to investigate terrorist suspects. Remember Kathleen Rowley? Remember all the stonewalling into investigating 9/11? And now we find that steps have not been taken to keep assault weapons out of the hands of “terrorist suspects.” Indeed, it almost seems as if the government is actually trying to increase the number of terrorists and facilitate their efforts. Is there really a “war on terrorism”?

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