Thursday, March 31, 2005


‘Intelligence’ Report Is Dead Wrong

US intelligence on Iraq was “dead wrong,” finds a new report on American intelligence failures. But in fact it’s this report which is dead wrong.

Just like its sibling, the 9/11 Commission report, this report is another whitewash job that puts the blame for “failures” on a comedy of errors, when in fact everything went according to plan. President Dubya and his ilk had decided from the very outset to invade Iraq; all the hysterical screaming about WMD and mushroom clouds was a pack of lies, which is now clumsily covered up by this report. We are told that Bush “reluctantly appointed the panel,” which is no doubt the opposite of the truth. Predictably, the lapdog media have run stories saying that the document is a blistering criticism of the intelligence community, and Dubya himself has praised it as a “sharp critique.” Of course he is happy because the panel let him off the hook and covered up his lies.

I suppose this report will get a book award and be sold at supermarket checkout counters, where the gullible American public will lap it up.

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