Saturday, March 12, 2005


Minister of Propaganda Returns

The Washington Post reports that Karen Hughes will return to her job as Dubya’s minister of propaganda. I suspected this would happen. Instead of doing good in the world, the US government hires “public relations” flacks to make it look as though the US is a force for good. And they do it with our tax money, just as with Arnie and his propaganda videos.

If governments truly did good things, they would not need propaganda, right? As any businessperson will tell you, the best “advertising” of all is a satisfied customer, but businesses who betray their customers’ trust must launch PR offensives to burnish their images. The same holds for governments. Do good, and people around the world will sing your praises; do bad, and you must resort to constant propaganda.

But there’s something else even more telling. The Washington Post article writes matter-of-factly: “Through exchange programs, foreign language media and other initiatives, the public diplomacy campaign aims to promote American values of democracy, tolerance and pluralism abroad while combating negative images propagated in many parts of the world.”

Why call it a “public diplomacy campaign”? Why say it aims to promote “democracy, tolerance and pluralism”? IMHO, the campaign aims to spread Bush regime propaganda, and has nothing to do with democracy or reality. What looks like “news” here is actually nothing more than regurgitated government propaganda. It’s no wonder so many people are disgusted by the lapdog media.

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