Thursday, March 10, 2005


Plant Your Crops Now

Spring is coming to the northern hemisphere, and higher fuel prices are going to be coming to the whole world. But don’t expect this to be the result of mere petronoia; more and more people are coming to believe in peak oil. So take this opportunity to start your kitchen garden and get into organic gardening in a big way. Raising your self-sufficiency rate is the best thing you can do now.

Of course, there are those who claim that peak oil is a scam meant to drive up oil prices so that elites can make a killing, and that actually there will always be plenty of oil because it’s produced abiotically in the Earth’s mantle. While I grant there is a small possibility they are right, that is just a feel-good scenario that does not change the reality of what is happening: fossil fuels are going to be harder and harder to come by, and the oil-based global economy is going to grind down. If you depend on food that is transported from hundreds or thousands of miles away, you can start expecting that flow of food to slow, if not stop.

People who belong to the “abiotic oil” and “peak oil scam” schools of thought can tap away at their computers all day arguing their positions, but that’s not going to induce the world’s major nations to stop the mad scramble for energy and industrial resources that has begun in earnest.

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