Thursday, March 17, 2005


The Protean Rationale

Bush regime reasons for doing things seem to change faster than the weather. Just look at how the rationale for invading Iraq has changed. First it was WMD. When no WMD were found (surprise!), it was something else. Now the US is supposedly bringing democracy to Iraq. If they mean American-style democracy with fixed elections, bought votes, whole groups of voters disenfranchised, and front-runner candidates who stand for the same rip-off warmongering system, then Allah help the Iraqis.

So what’s the latest excuse for running on a rampage around the world? It’s “tyranny.” Yes, you read that correctly. I know you must be doubting your eyes. America’s new mission is a war on tyranny. So expect to hear less about the “war on terror” and more about the new “war on tyranny.” Of course anyone with half a brain never thought Bush was out to get terrorists, anyway, but that’s another story.

Meanwhile, Dubya’s war on the American people continues unabated.

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