Monday, March 14, 2005


Telling It Like It Is

This ZNET article lays out the case against Bush’s nominee for EPA administrator, Stephen Johnson. Apparently, Johnson supports human testing of chemicals. So, do you have to read any further to know that he is unfit for the job? And yet the article goes on to offer a whole litany of horrible stuff about this guy. It’s sickening to read.

So what gets me about this article? It’s the beginning of the second paragraph, which reads, “Yet his record as the Assistant Administrator for Toxic Substances casts serious doubt on whether he is suited to lead the E.P.A.”

“Serious doubt”? Obviously, Johnson is totally unfit for the position. I wouldn’t trust him to be dog catcher, for fear of what he would do to the dogs. I expect punch-pulling and waffling expressions from the lapdog media, but not from ZNET or other publications like it.

I don’t want to sound too critical. After all, I couldn’t put out a publication like Z Magazine even if I were paid full-time to do it. But I do wish for a little more candor. Obviously, someone with this record is totally unfit for a position that requires the public’s trust, and is financed with taxes.

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