Saturday, April 02, 2005


AWOL Recruiters

According to this article, “At least 37 members of the Army Recruiting Command, which oversees enlistment, have gone AWOL since October 2002”! And since this is a New York Times article, I suspect the situation is probably worse. Things are so bad that not only combat soldiers, but even recruiters, are going AWOL.

If the Bush administration is really doing such a great thing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and if Americans really share in that sense of mission, then there should be no shortage of people signing up to make the world a better place, as Dubya claims he is doing.

But actions speak louder than words. The fact is, people are loath to die any time, but especially so when they deem the cause unworthy. Young women and men are indicating their reluctance to die for oil. Add in parental resistance, and you have the current dismal recruitment figures. Even the payment of bonuses and the lowering of standards are not going nearly far enough to bolster sagging enlistment figures.

Look for a draft.

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