Thursday, April 21, 2005


Power-Up Dream

They just can’t let go of the power-up dream. President Dubya pushes lawmakers to pass his idiot energy bill, and notes that America’s energy supply is not growing fast enough to satisfy the nation’s burgeoning energy needs. It’s totally unrealistic to believe that energy supply can keep up with infinitely rising demand, but that is what Dubya says he is going to do with his energy bill. And our short-sighted politicos in Congress will no doubt rubber stamp this self-destructive legislation.

You have to laugh at Bush sometimes. “The summer travel season is fast approaching, gas prices on the minds of millions of Americans,” said the prez, in his usual syntax-challenged Dubya-speak. If he were honest, he would tell Americans that in the not-to-distant future they won’t be doing any traveling at all, unless on foot or horseback.

The power-up paradigm has got to go, and in its place we must adopt the power-down model. We might as well do it willingly, because it’s going to happen, anyway.

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