Friday, April 08, 2005


Some Objectivity on the Pope, Please

It’s not a happy day when anyone dies, and of course the same goes for the pope. But please, could we have a little bit more objectivity and balance when discussing his legacy? I knew we could trust the lapdog media to fawn all over him, and broadcast all the spectacular pageantry of the funeral rites with breathless commentators offering pious comments. That’s because they’re not in the journalism business — they’re in the propaganda business.

Thankfully, I knew we could count on a few good sites to carry some objective assessments of John Paul II. Unfortunately, we can also count on the lickspittle mainstream media to say little about the horrible, reactionary, and in my humble opinion, immoral, things this man did. A saint he wasn’t. But a friend to power he was.

One related thing that comes to mind. The Vatican has immense wealth. If the popes — including John Paul II — were really doing the will of Jesus, wouldn’t they sell off a lot of those assets and give the proceeds to the poor? Countless people on this planet live in grinding poverty. Is it enough for wealthy Men of God (not only those in the Catholic church) to mouth phrases like “blessed are the poor” but keep hoarding all that wealth?

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