Monday, April 11, 2005


Top News Stories

I don’t often check the “top” news stories on the mainstream media, but just to keep my finger on the pulse, as it were, I look in on them occasionally. A quick look just now shows that the big story of the day is... drum roll... Michael Jackson!

Well, I should have known. The price of oil is going through the roof, Dubya is bankrupting the country and trying to demolish Social Security, more wars are brewing, shortages are looming, international law has been relegated to the dustbin of history, and all kinds of other horrible things are happening, yet we are supposed to direct our attention to Jacko’s trial, which is arguably of inconsequential significance to our lives.

An unfortunate but true fact is that celebrity scandals are an excellent tool for distracting the attention of the masses. And now you know the true function of the mainstream media.

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