Friday, May 20, 2005


Democrats Exposed

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed something as much as when George Galloway verbally beat the shit out of Senator Norm Coleman.

Galloway did a magnificent job of pulling no punches and speaking truth. He made the neocons and their acolytes look like the revolting liars and warmongers they are. How incredibly refreshing. One hopes the corn pone Nazis will kindly give Mr. Galloway another opportunity to ream them in public.

But Galloway did us an even bigger favor: He exposed the Democrats as pusillanimous, spineless, directionless, right-leaning, ass-kissing, warmongering GOP wannabes. The question that too many people are missing here is, “Why aren’t Democratic members of Congress doing this?” For too long we’ve been forced to look on helplessly as the lickspittle, bootlicking Democrats grovel before the Republicans, virtually rubber-stamping their entire program of fiscal insanity, constitution-shredding, never-ending war, and screw-the-poor policies. What a pity we had to import someone to speak for the American people because our own “left” politicians are too gutless and leaning so far to the right that they can’t walk straight.

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