Friday, June 03, 2005


9/11 Denial Movement Recruits Scientific American

I can understand why a lowbrow magazine for Joe Sixpack like Popular Mechanics would join the very trendy 9/11 denial movement, but now even that venerable standard of scientific thinking, Scientific American, has prostituted its pages for the irrational ravings of professional skeptic Michael Shermer. That Mr. Shermer is not at all skeptical of the Bush regime’s nonsensical cover story for 9/11 shows either that his powers of reasoning have abandoned him, or that he is another shill for Bush.

I was going to rebut some of his absurd arguments, but since someone else has already done it, I recommend that you go here.

Being skeptical is good, but when examination of the evidence shows clearly that Bush’s story is concocted, holding to the official line is irrational or politically motivated. And if the scientific minds at Scientific American are so good, how could they possibly be fooled so easily by such an obviously contrived story as that peddled by the Bush regime?

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