Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Fear of the People Hounds the Right

What does the right fear most? The people! Arnold Schwarzenegger had all he could do to finish delivering a graduation speech at Santa Monica College, and no sooner were the last words out of his mouth than he beat a hasty retreat. According to the report:

“Schwarzenegger left the stage almost immediately after his speech, speeding across the infield in a golf cart surrounded by sprinting security guards. Across the field, he pulled up toward a waiting SUV and a large steel gate was closed behind him.”

Clearly, he is deathly afraid of the people. Another, more well-known example is President Dubya, who is kept heavily shielded and isolated from the people. Only thoroughly screened, captive audiences are allowed into venues where Dubya appears, and anyone suspected of opposing his policies is hustled off or even arrested. Even press conferences are rare, despite the docility of the lapdog media, which can be counted on not to ask any embarrassing or challenging questions.

If the right really thinks it has the support of the people — which is what it claims — then why the supercharged security and the running from speaking venues? The truth is, the right is afraid of the people. Fear of you and me hounds them day and night. They are hagridden by anxiety over demonstrators and expressions of dissatisfaction. When leaders fear their own people, it is a sign of their awareness that they have lost the hearts of the people, that they have no satisfactory answers for challenging questions.

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