Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Keeping Secrets

It seems that quite a few people knew the identity of Deep Throat. Yet, the secret was kept from the public for 30 years. This is yet another indication of how easy it is to keep something secret from the public even if a lot of people know. It therefore shows how naive (or disingenuous) certain left gatekeepers are to claim that 9/11 could not have been an inside job because too many people would be privy to the real story, and someone would have spilled the beans by now. Balderdash. Another example of a well-kept secret often cited is the Manhattan Project.

And in the case of a monstrous criminal act like 9/11, there are many conceivable ways to keep people quiet. For example, if the safety of your loved ones was on the line, that would be a powerful incentive to hold your tongue, would it not? And people who got a piece of the action would of course maintain silence because they themselves would be criminally liable. There are no doubt hundreds of people who have knowledge of 9/11, but spreading around the profits and blame, along with a liberal helping of threats, can do wonders to keep the cat in the bag.

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