Tuesday, June 21, 2005


OECD Out of Touch with Reality

Why is it that the world population is far above the Earth’s carrying capacity? The easy answer is: Cheap oil. And with cheap oil quickly becoming a thing of the past, a lot of people are going to starve and/or freeze to death in the coming years. Since there is no substitute for oil, you can kiss your industrial lifestyle and your cheap and abundant food goodbye. This should be apparent to anyone who hasn’t been allowing all their attention to be absorbed by the lives and scandals of the stars.

So it is that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I scanned a recent OECD report (PDF) entitled “Extending Opportunities: How Active Social Policy Can Benefit Us All.”

Judging from section headings like “Observed fertility rates are well below desired levels,” you can guess what population policy the OECD promotes. In their view, it is important that countries maintain “stable” populations by keeping their fertility rates up, and it offers all sorts of helpful suggestions on how governments might accomplish this.

Obviously, the OECD people are out of touch with reality. Unless I missed it, the report includes no section on where the food and energy to support these populations are going to come from. Having enough to eat, according to the report, is merely a problem of “access,” i.e., having enough money to buy it.

By promoting an unsustainable system, the OECD is doing humanity and the Earth a tremendous disservice.

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