Thursday, July 14, 2005


Bush Honesty and Gullible Americans

Liberals and progressives are making a big deal out of the latest poll results indicating that only 41% of Americans rate Bush well for being “honest and straightforward.” While the fact that more people are waking up to Bush’s mendacity is encouraging, what I find amazing is that roughly four out of 10 Americans are gullible enough to think that this pathological liar is being “honest and straightforward.” As far as I can see, Bush has been “honest and straightforward” with the public approximately zero times. What on earth do those four of 10 Americans think Bush has told the truth about? With just about everything Bush has said being spin, distortion, or a demonstrable lie, you have to wonder if Bush supporters inhabit some separate reality or live in another dimension.

Of course this is basically no different from the blind-follower groupies of the Democratic Party, who are just as immune to reality.

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