Friday, July 29, 2005


Climate Pact Is a Joke

Need a good laugh? Take a look at the new “Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development” which, according to Voice of America (a very trustworthy news source, no doubt), is “a partnership to develop new energy technologies to reduce pollution and curb global warming without hurting economic development.”

Of course these leaders know as well as I do (perhaps better) that in the fossil-fuel economy there is no way we are going to “reduce pollution and curb global warming.” That will be accomplished only by shutting down the industrial economy and going back to a pre-modern lifestyle. And it’s probably too late to curb global warming, anyway.

According to the article, “The new partnership is voluntary, does not have deadlines or pollution reduction targets and cannot enforce compliance.” That just about tells you how much progress this plan is going to achieve. Did you guess “none”? It is a do-nothing plan to make it look as though governments are making some kind of serious efforts. The most action I expect from this is that it will be used to funnel millions of dollars into the pockets of certain corporations.

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