Sunday, July 24, 2005


Impeachment? Don’t Hold Your Breath

The people over at are wondering why Bush hasn’t been impeached yet. The question from the public and from the organization is apparently “Why is it so hard to get a Democrat from a solidly Democratic district to introduce articles of impeachment? What are they waiting for?”

“They” are waiting for us to go away, that’s what. Despite the efforts of a few Democratic Congressmembers with moxie and a sense of what’s right, the Democratic Party itself is firmly committed to the Republicrat program, and they will go to great lengths not to rock the boat. Which means leaving Bush alone.

Why can’t liberals and progressives see this? Look at the actions of the Democratic Party. Look at how John Kerry threw the election. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. When, oh when, will progressives stop putting their misguided faith in the Democratic Party?

So don’t hold your breath. The Democrats won’t budge on impeachment until they absolutely must bow to public pressure. And as you can see, even the current level of public pressure is insufficient.

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