Monday, July 25, 2005


More Surveillance

In the belief that the many video cameras in London makes the populace safer, Americans are calling for more cameras. In reality, cameras and searches aren’t going to make anyone safer, because suicide bombers will just think of ways to circumvent them, or shift their aim to other targets. And if a “suicide bombing” is actually an inside job, the video evidence can if necessary just be withheld from the public for “security” reasons.

Of course the authorities know this. What’s actually happening is that the public is given a false sense of security, or persuaded that such measures are for their own good, when in fact this is one more step in the development of a totalitarian panopticon society.

The way to stop terrorists and suicide bombers is to remove the motivation for their actions. Yet countries like the US, UK, and Israel refuse to do that, and instead portray themselves as the victims.

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