Sunday, July 10, 2005


Reality According to Daily Kos

In case you didn’t know it, Daily Kos considers itself “reality-based,” and for that reason it has banned discussions of 7/7 conspiracy theories.

Of course there is a possibility that the London bombings were what the British government says. But how big is that possibility? What the people over at Daily Kos don’t seem to realize is that you cannot accept at face value the pronouncements of any government on the planet. When a government makes a statement, you have to begin at least by assuming that the possibility of it being truth is less than the possibility of it being spin, distortion, or outright lies. These days when the Bush administration makes a statement, I just automatically assume it is spin, distortion, or lies.

The belief system over at Daily Kos could charitably be described as naive. Bush and Blair say the bombings were the work of Muslim terrorists, so they are. How ridiculous to think otherwise!

Surely the cognoscenti over at Daily Kos know about the history of empires, including the British and American empires: the underhanded scheming, mass murder, torture, lying, support of brutal and repressive right-wing regimes, robbing poor nations of their wealth through political and financial skulduggery, using war as a means of making fat profits, and on and on, one ghastly abomination after another. Since empires are obviously run by leaders who don’t lose sleep over niceties like democracy and human rights, what makes left gatekeepers like Kos think those leaders would not stage a terrorist attack resulting in the deaths of their own citizens? If there is political capital to be gained by such an action, how can you put it past the leaders? There are plenty of precedents.

If Kos and other left gatekeepers are just naive, we can at least feel like pardoning them. But if they are shilling for the anti-democracy Democratic Party, that is an unforgivable sin.

And it’s even worse if they are gullible enough to accept government statements at face value. Hence any venue that outlaws discussion in this vein can certainly not be considered “reality-based.”

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