Thursday, August 18, 2005


Jesus Would NOT Vote Democratic

And of course he would not vote Republican, either. But let’s stay on track with the assertion that “Jesus would vote Democratic,” an absurd statement by editorial writer Linda Valdez over at The Arizona Republic.

Valdez urges us to read the New Testament. Good idea. Whether you are Christian or not, you’ll no doubt agree that Jesus was a man who taught — and practiced — nonviolence, love, and forgiveness. In other words, the direct opposite of phony Christians in high places.

As such, Jesus would decidedly not have voted Democratic, because the Democratic Party is a warmongering party (check out the number of wars Democratic presidents have gotten us into), and is half of the Republicrat system of war, death, destruction, pollution, contamination, exploitation, and paving the road to hell.

Jesus would have none of it.

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