Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Rice Plants Foot in Castro’s Back

Mushroom-Cloud Lady wants to get Castro out of power as quickly as possible and hand Cuba over to American business vultures, and to that end she has installed one Caleb McCarry to “coordinate” the transition, as it were.

MCL accuses Castro of keeping Cubans in poverty, but conveniently does not mention the role of her own government’s long economic blockade in oppressing Cubans by strangling their economy.

And speaking of poverty, MCL might like to review the shocking state of poverty in America, which has certainly not improved since her boss started squatting in the White House. If she thinks leaders ought to be removed from power for keeping their countrymen in poverty, then the whole US government would have to resign. But that’s the kind of hypocrisy we expect from the Republicrat killing machine that has hijacked America.

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