Thursday, September 08, 2005


9/11 and Getting the Truth Out

Over at, which works hard at getting the truth out, but not quite hard enough, Managing Editor Scott Galindez helps the neocons by peddling their improbable story about 9/11 being perpetrated by Osama bin Laden.

Galindez is right when he says that Bush will again fall back on 9/11 to shore up his sliding public approval for the war. And he’s right that 9/11 was a blank check for the neocons to do as they like.

But that’s the way it was planned.

Now, the people over at TruthOut (and Common Dreams and host of other progressive sites) are not stupid. In fact, they appear to be pretty intelligent, thinking, and reasonable people. For that very reason, I don’t understand why they skirt the obvious questions about 9/11 in left gatekeeper style. Bush’s story about 9/11 is riddled with holes. It leaks water all over the place. It does not jibe with the physical evidence and timeline. The 9/11 Commission’s report, which claims to be the definitive account of “what went wrong,” seems better suited to covering up what went right. Decisive evidence is withheld from the public. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

So we come back to the question of why intelligent, truthseeking people ignore glaring discrepancies, contradictions, question-dodging, and obvious attempts to hide the truth.

Is it that they simply cannot believe the US government would murder its own people for political ends? Come on! We see that happening in New Orleans right now. Operation Northwoods was a plan like 9/11. And whenever a government sends soldiers into battle needlessly, as in Iraq, that too is murder.

Is it that they disdain “conspiracy theories”? Such theorizing is an attempt to explain what Bush’s story doesn’t. It is the same thing that detectives do when they try to solve a crime. In that light, the attempts of police investigators to piece together a crime are also conspiracy theories. Since Bush’s story does not by any stretch of the imagination satisfactorily explain what happened, are truth-seeking citizens just supposed to give up and believe it, anyway?

That certainly seems to be what Mr. Galindez and many others have done.

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