Friday, September 02, 2005


Disgusting, Cold-Blooded Bush

As corpses rot and more among the still-living prepare for the same fate in New Orleans, we are hearing more and more horror stories combined with reports on why it didn’t have to be this bad.

Clearly, the attitude of BushCo toward the people of the United States, and no doubt the rest of the world, is just as I have always said: “Little people” like us are cannon fodder for the battlefield and cheap labor for the factories and fields. If you are not a member of the Energy Elite, forget about the government doing anything for the public good. They spend taxes and borrowed money “protecting” us from a phony terrorist threat, but there is no money for protecting people from real disasters, and no money for feeding the poor.

Tens of billions are spent on wars for corporate profit and stealing other people’s oil, but there is no money for protecting New Orleans and other cities, no money for energy-efficiency programs, no money for healthcare, no money for education, and no money for just about anything else you can think of that benefits the public — the “little people.” The privatization mania that has gripped the elites will in time do away with public schools, public libraries, social security, and other “socialist” elements of the socioeconomic system.

Before Katrina, Bush slashed funding for public works and preparedness, and sent the National Guard and their equipment to Iraq based on a pack of lies. After Katrina, there is still no coherent plan or response. If you haven’t done so, read some of the reports from people on the ground in and around New Orleans (I am not talking about “news” reports by the mainstream media). It’s appalling.

Further, the US government turns down help from other nations. For example, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez offered aid, which the State Department termed “counterproductive.” Demonstrably, Chavez has shown more concern for the “little people” than Bush has (that’s of course why US elites hate him). He is even offering low-cost fuel to Americans in need. As of September 2, Canada was preparing to send help, but said no US request had been made. How can BushCo be so callous? People are desperate and dying in New Orleans. They would appreciate help from anyone, even socialists. Elites wearing finely tailored suits, sitting in air-conditioned offices, and eating delicacies of course understand none of this.

Elites will grab more and more of the wealth, leaving the rest of us with nothing but the shirts on our backs, or maybe not even that much. If they can enrich themselves at the expense of New Orleans — which will probably never be completely rebuilt — they will.

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