Monday, September 19, 2005


Don’t Be Fooled

Clinton, Kerry, and others have been leveling criticism at the Bush administration, primarily for mismanaging the Katrina disaster. Just look at a few liberal websites and see them prominently displaying these articles and shaking their fingers.

But wait a minute. Where have these all-out verbal onslaughts against Bush policy been until now? How do you square this criticism with the virtual rubber stamping of Dubya’s program by the Democrats? If Kerry is so righteous, why didn’t he try to claim his victory in the 2004 election (and Gore in 2000)?

Don’t be fooled. They are all Republicrats, and what we are witnessing is an episode of internal jockeying for power. Liberals who get excited over these little outbursts had best calm themselves down and take a reality check. The Democrats are not America’s saviors any more than the Republicans are.

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