Monday, September 05, 2005


Federal Foot-Dragging

Check out this shocking list of foot-dragging by the US government. And this list is by no means comprehensive. For example, it does not include the offers of help from Venezuela and Cuba, which the Bush administration did not accept. And some of the other reports on what’s not being done are equally incredible.

Certainly Bush is an incompetent buffoon, but the kind of failures we are hearing about go far beyond mere incompetence. Just as with 9/11, we are told that failure is due to an unbelievable comedy of errors and confluence of unlikely events, while officials tell outright lies to cover their butts. However, circumstantial evidence points to a more believable scenario: The failure in New Orleans, like 9/11, is an attack against the American people by its own government. I would like to be proved wrong on that, but so far the Bush administration has given me no convincing reason to believe anything that it says.

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