Monday, September 26, 2005


Hypocrite Bush Supporters

Bush has asked Americans to contribute to a fund to rebuild Iraq, but his request has raised — are you ready for this? — a measly $600. The obvious question here is: Where is the flood of big-buck contributions from rich Bush supporters? If they truly believe in what he’s doing, why don’t they pony up now? This paltry sum exposes the cynicism, hypocrisy, and self-centeredness of those who will contribute vast sums to Bush’s reelection campaign, but won’t give a cent to a fund which supposedly is meant to realize Bush’s high ideals for building a new Iraq.

And there is another, bigger question: Bush himself has lots of money. If he really believes in his own mission, why doesn’t he donate part of his personal fortune to the effort? The answer is that he doesn’t believe in it himself.

Obviously, the whole Bush program is a pack of lies, and even his supporters know it.

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