Monday, September 26, 2005


Sheehan’s Arrest

So Cindy Sheehan has finally been arrested, something I figured would happen sooner or later. Naturally, this was not a smart move by the authorities, as arrest during a peaceful protest can only ratchet up Sheehan’s heroine quotient.

Inside the White House, Grand Spinmeister Scott McClellan (has this guy ever given a straightforward and truthful answer?) said, “It’s the right of the American people to peacefully express their views,” which I doubt he believes, unless they are supportive of his boss, and made the outright ludicrous statement that President Dubya is “very much aware of the people here who have come to Washington, D.C.” This is laughable because in his few public appearances, Bush appears distant, detached, unaware, and uncaring. Indeed, it is reported that he’s back on the bottle, though I doubt he was ever off it. And I have always contended that Bush is out of the loop, and that Cheney and the neocons are actually running the show.

But to get back to the subject, Sheehan will doubtless become stronger for this, and Bush weaker. Despite the desperate statement by Karl Rove (Bush’s Darth Vader) that “Cindy Sheehan is a clown,” no one is laughing at her.

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