Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Republicrats and Iraq

What have I been saying about the Republicrat scam? Liberals and progressives have been hoodwinked into thinking that the Democratic Party (which is just part of the Republicrat machine) stands for their values. Again, it’s all a pile of crap. Iraq is a case in point, as is well illustrated by this article.

When will American progressives wake up?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The Republicrat Scam

This article talks about the stolen elections and how it will happen again. And how can such a thing happen? Because — just as I have said again and again — it is a Republicrat con game. The joke is on the American people, especially on the misguided and self-deceiving liberals and progressives who have been taken for a ride by the Democratic Party, i.e., the “left” wing of the Republicrat machine. In my humble opinion, the Democratic Party has done nothing to stop the stolen 2000 and 2004 elections because it is in on the scam.

Read this account and then see if you can honestly tell yourself it isn’t so.

The whole thing — the elections, the debates, the campaigns — everything is part of a big show put on for the benefit of the American people, who foolishly argue among themselves about who the “better candidate” is, or who “won” the presidential debate.

It’s all a pile of crap.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


China Machine Gobbles Resources

According to this article, China’s roaring economic machine is now the biggest threat to the global ecosystem. Not hard to believe, and of course quite disturbing if you are concerned about the health of the planet. The good news from the Earth’s point of view (as opposed to that of all the Chinese trying to escape poverty) is that escalating energy prices are going to help put the kibosh on the destruction. The question is whether that tipping point will come too late.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Torture Is Just Plain Wrong

Marjorie Cohn begins an article with this paragraph:

“Republicans and Democrats have finally found something they can agree on. They have bipartisan support to stop Bush’s inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners in United States custody: It’s bad for our image in the Arab and Muslim world. It breeds more resentment against the US, making us more vulnerable to terrorism. And it’s just plain un-American.”

Now, it is not my purpose here to criticize Ms. Cohn — she writes some pretty good stuff. But I would like to mention a possible oversight, and take issue with one point.

True, torture is bad for America’s image, and it breeds resentment against the US. What she doesn’t say here — an oversight? — is that torture is just plain wrong. That should be the primary reason for stopping it. Image should be a secondary consideration. Civilized people should not commit or allow barbaric practices like torture. I am disappointed that she made image the main reason in an appeal to Americans’ self-interest.

The other point is her assertion that torture is “un-American.” If only that were so. The unfortunate and shameful fact is, practices like torture and assassination are as American as apple pie. If the mainstream US media were doing their job, Americans would know about the ghastly, despicable things done in their name, and financed with their taxes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Another Gore Speech

Al Gore has made yet another speech. Why doesn’t this guy just stick to business? Allow me to comment on a few items in this article.

Gore said that if he had won the 2000 election, the US would be a different country. While granting that it would likely be somehow different, allow me to point out what Gore himself still refuses to acknowledge: he did win the 2000 election. Victory was stolen from him illegally, yet he did not challenge this crime, suggesting strongly that he was in on the scam (just like Kerry, but that is another story).

In answer to questions about how America would be different, Gore gave several examples including, “We would not be trying to control and intimidate the news media.” Does he really believe this? The mainstream media have been controlled for a long time; it didn’t start with Dubya.

Meanwhile, RNC spokesperson Tracey Schmitt characterized Gore’s comments as “fictitious rants that border on dangerous.” Great hyperbole from someone who must have attended the same spinmeister school as Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan. In reality Gore’s comments are so reserved and circumspect he must be trying not to offend Bush.

Schmitt continued by saying, “To accuse Americans of participating in ‘routine torture’ is absurd and reveals that while Al Gore may no longer be a leader in his party, he still embodies the maniacal anger that guides Democrat leaders in Washington today.” Wow! “Maniacal anger”? Far be it from me to defend the worthless, pusillanimous Democrats, but one need look no further than the White House to find maniacal anger. Of course an outpouring of vitriol always deflects the public’s attention from one’s own shortcomings.

Monday, October 10, 2005


In Case You Were Wondering Dept.

Yet again we are told that President Dubya gets his orders directly from God. Now let’s suppose that one of Bush’s political opponents also claims to get messages directly from God, and those messages conflict with those which Bush claims to receive. In such a situation, who decides which recipient is getting the authentic messages?

The answer might seem like a classical conundrum, but in modern America it’s obvious: whichever recipient has more money and power receives the authentic messages. Did you honestly think it would be any different?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Your Friendly Neighborhood Spy

This is a new attempt to initiate domestic spying. A foot in the door opens the way down a slippery slope toward an informant society like the former Soviet Union or like North Korea. People will be spying on one another, and no one will trust anyone else. Who wants to live in such a society, except for the elites in power? Certainly this has nothing to do with “freedom” or “liberty,” those values professed by our leaders. Domestic spying is an attempt to control the population and stifle political dissent.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Pigs and Birds

In the pigs department, we have Energy Hog, a cartoon character with a pantheon of porcine sidekicks telling Americans that they shouldn’t use too much energy. Such a ludicrous, pathetic attempt to urge energy conservation could charitably be described as too little, too late. But of course this is just an empty gesture, as the US government cares little whether the plebes conserve or not. What’s important is that the energy elites pig out on fat profits and then leave us to burn our furniture in the end. In the same vein, US automakers — who supposedly have amazing technological prowess — cry that they cannot match the Europeans and Japanese in fuel efficiency, let alone attain the modest raise in fuel efficiency standards proposed. The truth is, SUVs are very profitable.

In the birds department, Dubya says he wants to use the military to contain a bird flu epidemic. If Congress is stupid enough to approve, which is virtually assured, Americans can look forward to a bird flu epidemic, which will also be virtually assured. Why? Because this is a great way to introduce martial law. Think about it.

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