Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Pigs and Birds

In the pigs department, we have Energy Hog, a cartoon character with a pantheon of porcine sidekicks telling Americans that they shouldn’t use too much energy. Such a ludicrous, pathetic attempt to urge energy conservation could charitably be described as too little, too late. But of course this is just an empty gesture, as the US government cares little whether the plebes conserve or not. What’s important is that the energy elites pig out on fat profits and then leave us to burn our furniture in the end. In the same vein, US automakers — who supposedly have amazing technological prowess — cry that they cannot match the Europeans and Japanese in fuel efficiency, let alone attain the modest raise in fuel efficiency standards proposed. The truth is, SUVs are very profitable.

In the birds department, Dubya says he wants to use the military to contain a bird flu epidemic. If Congress is stupid enough to approve, which is virtually assured, Americans can look forward to a bird flu epidemic, which will also be virtually assured. Why? Because this is a great way to introduce martial law. Think about it.

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