Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Chavez Comes Through Where Bush Fails

The very real fear of freezing to death hangs over many Americans of limited means. Yet, the “compassionate conservatives” and American capitalism, guided by their philosophy of “survival of the richest,” stand by and watch them starve and/or freeze. Coming to the rescue is Venezuela, led by its president Hugo Chavez, the arch-nemesis of the US government.

Of course this is in part a political ploy, but one that anyone else would use to advance a cause. But since Chavez is doing what he also does at home — helping the poor — he can’t be called a hypocrite on this account. Chavez is saving Americans from freezing to death, something that the callous Bush administration and profit-mongering oil companies refuse to do. American shame is exposed once again.

The US government hates Chavez because of his socialist policies, and because US elites believe that Venezuela’s wealth should be flowing into their pockets instead of being “wasted” on the poor. That is behind the anti-Chavez propaganda that they feed the American public.

Interestingly, the American public does not realize how much it benefits from socialism. They want public schools, public libraries, public roads, social security, public transit, Medicare, unemployment compensation, and other such socialist practices, but say they don’t approve of socialism!

If you are a rich elite, you probably disdain socialism and support the “survival of the richest” philosophy. If you are anyone else, you had better give this some careful thought before buying into this line of thinking.

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