Monday, November 21, 2005


The Chinese Model Comes to America

Over at Huffington Post, another one of the many liberal websites that flames at Republicans but is careful not to criticize Democrats, there is not that much worth reading. You wonder why they sometimes (often?) never say the obvious.

A case in point is a piece by Huffington herself, “Bush in China: Giving Lie to His ‘Freedom Agenda.’” What she said was OK; the problem is what she didn’t say.

Huffington took Bush to task for glossing over the issues of democracy and human rights, but the obvious thing she skipped was the monstrous hypocrisy of Bush for moving closer and closer to the Chinese Model in his own country. Bush gave mere lip service to democracy and human rights because he doesn’t believe in those things himself (what did Huffington expect?). Just look at what has happened to the US under his rule; the direction is clear.

The Chinese Model is being implemented, step by step, in the United States. Domestic spying by the secret police, the corralling of dissidents (keeping them away from Bush and in “free speech zones”), torture, and what have you are elements of this program. So of course Bush can’t be too critical the Chinese, because he would be calling too much attention to himself.

Huffington should have called attention to Bush’s implementation of the Chinese Model in the US, and showed how Bush is making America into the same kind of country. Because that is the key to understanding Bush’s behavior in China.

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