Thursday, November 03, 2005


Credulity Is the Cost of Credibility

The Washington Post writes:
A swift resolution is needed in part to ease staff tension, a number of people inside and out of the White House said. Many mid-level staffers inside have expressed frustration that press secretary Scott McClellan’s credibility was undermined by Rove, who told the spokesman that he was not involved in the leak, according to people familiar with the case.
Excuse me? His credibility was undermined?! Well, what can we expect from the mainstream media? Of course they can’t come right out and suggest that McClellan lied through his teeth, which is what I strongly suspect. Anyone who has ever seen this guy in action would have to seriously wonder if he’s being truthful. I personally can’t recall reading a single transcript in which he’s given what I consider to be a straight answer to a question. He is frequently evasive, and stays relentlessly on message by repeating the same lines over and over, no matter how ridiculous they sound.

I suppose Grand Spinmeister McClellan has credibility with the mainstream media, but he has none here. In politics, credulity is the cost of credibility.

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