Sunday, November 13, 2005


Dishonest Politicians and Media

Now that Iraq is blowing up in America’s face, we have a whole slew of politicians and media suddenly admitting that they were “wrong,” or “fooled” by Bush, about going to war in Iraq.

Their insincerity and dishonesty are astounding. It was clear to any objectively thinking person from the outset that Bush’s case for war was a pack of lies. People in their right minds do not rush into war, but Bush administration officials and their corporate media lackeys were falling all over themselves to emit streams of highly dubious claims, obvious falsehoods, and other effluvia, literally browbeating Americans into rushing to the battlefield. I still wonder how Colin Powell was able to keep a straight face during his preposterous and laughable presentation at the UN.

Many Americans, including this humble blogger, did not buy into this obvious fairy tale, which is why they opposed the war before it started. They saw through the lies, as did many people in other countries.

That is why I call these politicians and media dishonest and insincere. If members of the general public could readily see through the lies, why couldn’t the politicians and media people?

IHMO, the real story here is that those politicians and media actually backed the war, and subscribed to the belief that it would be easy to secure the country in a short time. Hence, the reason for the recent spate of mea culpas is not that they realized they were “wrong” or “fooled,” but that it’s turned into an unmitigated disaster, from which they want to distance themselves.

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