Sunday, November 20, 2005


Guardians of the Truth

An article on Capitol Hill Blue has made a point that I have made in this blog: Many “liberal” and “progressive” websites and journalists are actually Democratic Party shills. In their worldview, everything the GOP does is wrong, and everything the Democratic Party does is right. And the same goes for conservatives, of course, in the opposite direction. Neither side can see or admit to the truth that both parties are incorrigibly corrupt and running America into the ground., named in the article, is a case in point. While claiming to get the truth out, it relies heavily on articles from mainstream media whose credibility is, shall we say, a bit questionable. It denigrates the GOP, but cheers on the Democrats. It’s no wonder progressivism in America makes no progress.

Speaking of following the truth wherever it may lead, I note that just about all journalists and “news” publications (including Capitol Hill Blue) are staying away from 9/11 and acting as if Bush’s story is true. Conservatives are loyal to Bush and the GOP, so they say nothing. Liberals are loyal to the Democratic Party. Both sides are loyal to the corrupt Republicrat system, so they say nothing. Liberal journalists like David Corn, whose claim to credibility is that he wrote a book about Bush’s lies (how hard can that be?), have joined the ranks of the debunkers and make fun of conspiracy theorists. Yet, anyone who is really interested in the truth and objectively examines Bush’s story and the mounting evidence against it cannot but see that the Bush administration’s explanation for 9/11 is full of holes, contradictions, inconsistencies, and absurdities. It simply doesn’t add up. Still, journalists who claim to be guardians of the truth make no attempt to get to the bottom of this story.

If they are really interested in the truth, why don’t they try?

If they are really interested in the truth, why don’t mainstream “news” organizations dig into the pasts of the people who run for public office in America and publish their findings? Why don’t most Americans know about the reprehensible things that are done in their names and with their tax money? It is because these organizations have abdicated their responsibility to the American people that we have scofflaws in public office and wars started on the pretext of lies, and that America is going down the tubes.

Guardians of the truth, my ass.

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