Sunday, November 06, 2005


Republicrat Leftwingers

As if you needed any more evidence that the Democratic Party is totally worthless, except as the left head of the two-headed monster known as the Republicrats, you might take check out this article.

Perhaps it’s a little long, but there are so many reasons why the Democrats are helping the Republicans send America down the tubes.

In this blog I have stated, again and again, that progressives are deluded to put their hope in the Democratic Party. This article says it, too.
Now, here is the clincher as far as the real Left is concerned: Pity any ‘progressives’ who still pin their hopes on the Democrats, those true asses of this miserable U.S. political scene! If there ever was a time ripe enough for a third party to form and present a clear platform and seize the day in the USA, now is it!
Amen! And yet, millions of gullible and clueless progressives, led by self-proclaimed liberal websites that cheer on the worthless Democrats (talk about beating a dead horse!), will continue putting their misguided faith in a party that is owned and operated by the same entities that own and operate the GOP. These so-called liberals and their websites are just as partisan as conservatives; they greedily pounce on every bad deed committed by Republicans, but gloss over the misdeeds of Democrats. Loyalty to a political party is stupid if that party is not loyal to us and the good of the country and the world.

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