Saturday, November 12, 2005



If you don’t conform to the radical right’s code of conduct, you are in for some well-deserved punishment, or so one concludes from some recent statements reportedly made by a couple of the right’s spokespersons.

In response to a San Francisco ballot initiative opposing the presence of military recruiters in the city’s schools, hard-right firebrand Bill O’Reilly apparently said it’s OK for terrorists to blow up San Francisco.

Meanwhile, television evangelist Pat Robertson has warned the Pennsylvania town of Dover not to ask for God’s help if disaster strikes. The town’s sin was to vote out the members of the local school board for trying to introduce intelligent design (creationism in disguise) into education. Remember, Robertson is the noted “Christian” humanitarian who advocated assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Will San Francisco and Dover be destroyed as Sodom and Gomorrah were? Do O’Reilly and Robertson know something we don’t?

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